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solar kits in europe
solar kits in europe

Solar Power

What are the uses of solar power

Solar power was born more than hundreds of years ago.  But the use  of solar energy as a renewable source of energy has been in existence from the past century, still people all over the world are having various discussions on how to improve on this god gifted renewable source of energy that is absolutely free. At the present state of the world with soaring prices of imported oils and home energy prices sky rocketing every year, many people are talking about using alternative sources of energy for their day to day activities. The solution that one can think of at present for reducing the burden on mankind by these soaring prices of the essential commodities like oil and energy is by turning to solar energy


solar kits in europeIn earlier days, solar energy found its use as a heating source. As early as 1830, a solar energy was designed that was used on a safari. Since then, many uses of solar energy have been found out and now people consider solar power to be a major provider of electricity for their homes. Solar energy or power is the most important energy source that is popular, easily usable and most convenient among people all over the world, even more than the wind and the water energy. Also, people from all walks of life have benefited from the energy derived from the sun in one way or the other.


One of the most common uses of the solar energy is to use it as a power source. Since early 1970’s, many people have been putting up solar collectors on their roof tops and using the resulted power that is collected to light up their electrical appliances.


Nowadays, with the development of technology, lot of people have started installing solar panels in their homes and are trapping solar energy through these panels to provide the energy for their entire home and in some odd cases, people are going to the extent of supplying power to the grid system or electrical companies run by the government. In fact, people have started using solar power that is directly drawn from the solar panels during the day and use the stored energy in the batteries at the night.


The next common use of the solar power is to heat the water to produce hot water. The solar water heating systems can use either a passive solar energy, where the tank filled with water is heated by leaving it out in the sun or by using solar panels and arrays with a heat transfer fluid. The heat transfer fluid runs in a tube along the side of the solar panel. The process of heating water in a tank through this system is very simple.  The solar energy is collected by these tubes and transfers it into the fluid. The heat from the fluid is transferred into the water as the tube runs around a water storage system. This heated water from the storage tank can be used for various purposes like pumping it into the swimming pool, hot water for bathing etc.


In the last ten to fifteen years, solar system manufacturers have started inventing and developing new creative applications for the solar power. One such development is the portable solar panel, a very popular product among vacationers. Also solar panels of folding type have been introduced which will open up like a ledger and is used commonly to power up laptops and mobile phones.


The solar power is generated using a simple method of capturing the light of the sun by the solar cells arranged inside the solar panels placed on the rooftop of a home in a position where there is maximum presence of sunlight during the day. The solar cells react with the light collected and converts the light into usable DC electricity. This DC electricity is stored in the battery and then finally is connected to the inverter where the DC electricity is converted into AC electricity to power the entire home. The main advantage with the installation of the solar power systems is the ease in which it can be operated and the low maintenance cost and also for the fact that it is a non polluting system as well as it is noise free.

What Is Solar Power

solar kits in europeBefore mankind could understand how the earth depended on the Sun for its existence, many ancient cultures such as the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans considered the bright searing hot ball in the sky as a God that brought light and warmth. In those olden times, directly or indirectly, the solar power dominated human societies. The life cycles of communities revolved around the seasons set by the Sun. They recognized the Sun as the life giver, the all- powerful protector. 

The Sun was worshipped in Egypt and Greece. The Sun occupied an important position in the belief-systems of many communities of people. Such as the Zoroastrians, the Aztecs of Mexico, the Incas of Peru, Hindus, Native American tribes, etc.

It is only in the modern times we have started understanding the magnificence of the Sun. The Sun is about 1.5 million times as big as the earth and is composed almost entirely of hydrogen gas. Its surface temperature is about 27 million deg C.

The Sun around which our planet Earth rotates, emits radiation. This solar radiation carrying energy falls on to the Earth. While traveling through the atmosphere, about 5% of the radiation is reflected away from the earth and about 15% is absorbed by the atmosphere. Thus the maximum energy received from the Sun through the incoming solar radiation (INSOLATION) at the equator is about 1000 W/m2. Presence of clouds, dust, etc. reduces this further and on an average we receive only about 800 W/m2 of solar power at the equator.

Plants on earth convert this energy into chemical energy by photosynthesis; vegetables, fruits and trees grow through this process. The living organisms (including humans) consume this bounty and grow. Forests grow; animal kingdom grows – all surviving on the energy received from the Sun.  All the energy received from the Sun, of course, is not used up on the earth. After having passed through the Earth’s atmosphere, most of Sun’s energy is in the form of visible and infrared radiation. A large part of this energy is utilized in warming the earth.  The earth, in turn, radiates this energy back outwards into the atmosphere.

Uses of Solar Power

All parts of the Earth receive solar power (also known as solar energy) and man’s ingenuity has always tried to find ways of using this bounty of power available to his best advantage. Human civilization has always used the energy of the Sun as far back as they have existed on this planet. Solar energy—power from the sun—is free and inexhaustible.

It is only now we comprehend that:
In barely twenty days of sunshine we receive enough energy from the Sun to make up for all the energy stored in Earth's reserves of coal, oil, and natural gas;

The amount of energy consumed by the entire population of the planet earth in one year is received from the Sun in barely forty minutes of sunshine;
All the six billion inhabitants of the planet Earth in twenty five years would not be able to consume solar energy received in one single day;
Currently we harness barely 1% of this energy.
Solar power is a clean environmentally friendly source of power. Now is the time to take advantage of this abundant resource This vast, clean energy resource represents a viable alternative to the fossil fuels that currently pollute our air and water, threatening our very existence.

Solar Energy

It is almost sure that you have heard the term solar energy used once or twice whether it was on the internet, television, or the radio. We often hear or see words and phrases that don’t understand.

So what exactly is solar energy? What are the benefits or using solar energy opposed to using coal? What are the disadvantages or using solar energy? Who is capable of using solar energy? After reading this article you should be able to answer these questions and you should have a good understand of what solar energy is all about and the equipment used to generate solar energy.

Solar energy can be used for a number of different things. It can be used to provide electricity to your home, your car, and can even be used to heat the water in your home or the water in your swimming pool. Solar energy is a form of energy produced by transforming solar power or power from the sun into electricity. By using photovoltaics, we can transform sunlight into electricity. Solar cells, also known as photovoltaic cells, are capable of transforming solar energy into electricity by using the photovoltaic effect. Such cells have been used for many years especially those used in small electronic calculators.

solar kits in europe
One of the main reasons people prefer using solar energy is because photovoltaic arrays are capable of generating a form of renewable electricity. Photovoltaic arrays are very common and useful in specific situations such as when electricity from the grid isn’t available.

This is common with remote area power systems, satellites, space probes, remote radiotelephones, and water pumping applications. Unlike coal, solar energy is a renewable resource meaning we will never run out of it. So basically, solar energy offers an infinite supply of electricity. A group of cells are assembled together to form solar modules. Solar modules are sometimes linked to photovoltaic arrays.

Solar Energy Systems

It is no secret that a solar energy system can cost a lot of money. Of course, once is all said and done you will end up saving more money in the long run. There are a number of cheap solar cells that you can install yourself. Dye sensitized solar cells are considered the cheapest solar cells currently available.

These cells are made of cheap materials and do not need elaborate apparatus to manufacture which makes these cells perfect for someone willing to do the work themselves. It is a good idea to buy in bulk as this often results in a bulk package being less expensive than older solid state cells.
These types of cells often come in flexible sheets. While these cells have a lower conversion efficiency than the best thin film cells their price and performance make them a strong competitor to fossil fuel electrical generation.

So what are the benefits of using solar energy instead of fossil fuels? Well, unlike fossil fuels solar energy is a renewable resource. Solar energy will always be around. While it might be difficult to produce energy at night we will always have it. Another major benefit associated with solar energy is the fact that solar energy does not pollute the area with harmful greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide.

Solar energy is just as universal as fossil fuels. You can use solar energy for pretty much everything you can use fossil fuels for including heating your water, drying your clothes, heating your swimming pool, power fans and other small appliances.

The major disadvantage of solar energy is the initial cost. You will have to purchase all the equipment, solar cells, and possibly hire someone to install them for you. While this is often a huge price, in the long run you will end up saving money since you will be cutting the cost of you electric bill significantly. Certain locations are not suitable for solar energy.

The area where you live will need to receive enough sunlight during the day to produce enough solar energy to be able to keep your appliances working throughout the night. It is possible to create more energy than you actually use by installing a very expensive solar energy system. Sometimes your utility company might be interested in buying that extra energy from you.