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solar lantern
solar lantern

Solar Lantern

solar lanternSolar Lantern is a restructure solar energy product developed for use wheres the grid electricity is in available or in reliable. Using the highest quality and most efficient solar energy components, every each solar Light providing exceptional brightness for at least 11-12 hours per day charged by sunlight.


Solar Lantern is pretty much easy to install and is flexible enough to be installed and uninstall when you ever needed.Solar Lantern portable, because you can bring it anywhere, in case you transfer to another locations, you can bring it with you any location. Using Solar Lantern in your homes could cut down your high-electricity bills because light bulbs are the number one in energy consumption. A solar lantern is a reliable lantern that delivers light at night and recharges with the sun's energy. This solar lantern is straddling light fixture which is used to brighten extensive areas. Solar Lanterns may also be used for indicating, as torches, or as common light sources outdoors. The term "solar lantern" is also used more broadly to a light source or the inclusion for a sun light source. Solar lanterns have become prevalent in emerging countries, where they deliver a harmless and economy substitute to kerosene lamps.

Solar Lantern Specification

Model Solar Panel LED Lamp Lighting Time
Watts Qty pcs Watts Lithium Battery mAh Hours
FH-SL-L1 3W 1 3W 4.4Ah 10~12
FH-SL-L2 5W 2 3W 4.4Ah 8~10
FH-SL-L4 10W 4 3W 4.4Ah 8~10
FH-SL-LS1 3W 1 3W 4.4Ah 8~9
Using super efficient LED's solar lantern that are over 10 times more efficient than Incandescent lamps and almost 2 times better than Electric lamps. Solar larntern life is more than 40 times to Incandescent lamps.

Solar Lantern Features

solar lantern
  1. Low energy dissipation
  2. Low cost with high quality
  3. LED exceptional brightness
  4. AnyTime & AnyWhere Lighting
  5. Energy saving & Environment friendly

Solar Lantern Applications

  1. Home lighting
  2. Emergency lighting
  3. Desert area, grassland area
  4. Remote hilly and mountainous locations
  5. Village, country area and islands