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Model: FH-SL-40LT

Solar Home Lighting System

Model: FH-SL-10A

Intelligent Solar Lighting System

Model: FH-SL-L4

Solar Lantern


Solar Motion Sensor Light


Solar Wall Light
led Solar Lights
led Solar Lights solar lamp solar lamp solar lamp solar lamp
Solar tube/torch
Camping tube/torch
Camping lamp-magnet
Camping lamp Waterproof
Camping lamp Waterproof

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Double Pilots is a group focusing on bringing low-cost, reliable, efficient solar energy products like Solar Lights, Solar panel kit, Solar lantern, led solar lights, solar lighting, solar lamp, solar light kit and solar for home all of the world, against, climate change and solar energy security. Our aim to play a leading role in the growing low-carbon solar lighting system sector, and we are doing our part to help shape this growing market for clean and green solar light kits products.
We are exploring a wide range of alternative energy technologies (solar lights) and selected those we believe we can build them into large, durable consumer business to serve everyone and let everyone can reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions, improve living condition, and build the low carton future by their daily life activities.

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Generating low carbon energy (Solar Lighting) The world is set to continue to grow – growth that will be reliant upon the provision of energy from both traditional sources and increasingly from new and alternative energies (Solar Lights) and technologies.

DP Group is investing in a new ways of providing solar energy – from innovative new solar and wind businesses to clean energy technologies such as the capture and storage of carbon dioxide from traditional fossil fuels, to sure everyone can use the clean energy (led solar lights, solar lighting, solar lamp) easily and cheaply.

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Small Wind Turbines

What is a wind generator?
How does the wind generator work?
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Solar Lighting System

How Solar energy (solar lamp) can light your home?
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Solar Power System

How a Solar panel kit system works?
The advantages of solar for home .

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